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Leidse Studenten Duikvereniging

Leidse student diving-organisation

Do you not only like to dive into your books but also into the deep waters? Or do you prefer a fluid conversation with a drink? On LSD you can turn any direction. Every Monday after COKEN* and Thursday an hour to swim and many more for drinks. Al that in our very own home on the water-sport-area.

A huge amount of committees all year round take care of activities which may or may not have anything to do with diving. Every year there is a trip (we already have been to Malta, Egypt en the Azores), there also are five cheap trips to Zeeland, were a lot of Blow*ing happens and can those feet shuffle during our wide selection of themed parties. Our volunteering instructors offer international recognised programmes and the XTC* keeps all our equipment in top condition.

With LSD diving (as prominent a hobby it is) becomes affordable due to your membership covering most of the expenses. Because with it you can borrow equipment from our shared storage. And with our air compressor you won’t be without.

Can’t wait to sing on? Why don’t you drop by or just do it now!

LSD jargon:

*COKEN = Culinair Onderlegd Koken, Eten en Natafelen. (Culinary defined cooking, eating and lingering after dinner) Eat for free when cooking a meal, or participate for only €4 and enjoy a delicious meal.

*BLOW = Buiten Lekker Onder Water (Nice outside and under-water)

*XTC = eXtreem Technische Commissie (eXtremely technical committee)


Wij houden ons aan de NOB gedragscode

Leden van de vertrouwenscommissie:

Statuten / HR

Diving in LSD

LSD has at least twenty diving sets ,a compressor and diving tanks ready and waiting. All members can use them and they are used.

The PADDO regularly organises BLOW-days. To dive and swim and see all that the rice waters of the Netherlands have to offer. Close by we have Vinkeveen, Oostvoorne, little less close by is Zeeland, or in international waters like the Nordea. The travel-committee organises the diving trips that go even farther away. In recent year LSD has gone to spectacular diving spots like Bonaire, Egypt, Spain and Malta.
Diving is spectacular and adventurous yet calming at the same time. Meditating whit a view as the saying goes. Combine that to a group of equally enthusiastic students and some drinks it can give you are describing LSD on a Schelphoek.

LSD In action



Four times a year LSD packs it’s bags and moves to the Schelphoek, Zeeland. One or two truckload of food, drinks and equipment are loaded on and brough over. The home is rented by us and offers an all-inclusive trip were you can dive in the beautiful underwater world of Zeeland. And after a long day of adventure you can sit back with a drink and a game. And ill be damned if no one builds a campfire and cracks open a cold one till daybreak.


The Schelphoek-weekends are organised by the event-committee and are for members, donators and intros. Informatie about cost, enrolment and payment are provided in the Trip (our weekly newsletter).

Educational programs

Learn to dive with LSD


All through the year a plenitude of courses is provided by our volunteering instructors. Due to this the amount of spaces available is limited and assessed at the start of the year. If you want to learn to dive in LSD come see us during the EL CID/HOP/OWL or mail the secretary for more information. You can also always continue learning and improve your diving.

Entrance demands

To be allowed to participate you must have a valid papers of medical examination and be a member of NOB which if you a member of LSD you are.

Education system

LSD is connected to NOB and uses their diving course. In this system there are differing skill levels whit their own permit. These permit are internationally recognised.

Logically you start at 1*diving course, after which you can specialise of flow up to 2*- and 3*-diving course.

On the NOB website is an extensive explanation of the system..

If you have never dove before, start with the 1*course. Here you’ll learn the basis of diving, the materials, techniques and hand signs for underwater. After this course you can dive on your own( but not alone) to a dept of 20 meters worldwide.

During the 2*course you’ll learn diving in tides, after sundown and helping you bud in hard times. If you achieved open water in an other organisation you can continue here with a 2*-course. Open water is the same as a NOB 1*

With the 3*Course you’ll learn instructing others to dive. Including practise, techniques and to accompany others in diving. With an Advanced Open Water you can start a 3*-course.

In LSD a lot of specialties are organised. When you become a member you are made aware of their planed times.

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